Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gen-X Cops

To start off the Most Underrated Movies Ever is Gen-X Cops. Now the reason this is underrated is only because it is in mostly Cantonese (Chinese). If this was in all English originally it would be a fantastic movie. Everything about it is amazing pretty much. It has explosions, romance, mystery, suspense, action, comedy everything. If its a genre its in this movie. The plot is wonderful and very rarely used in good movies. It also has a cameo of a very famous actor.

Now for an overview of this movie.

The lead actor in the movie is Nicholas Tse. He is one of the most famous Chinese actors/singers around. He shows why that is in this movie. His character is named Jack and is the kind of character that audiences like to see. They can connect to him. He's not a bad boy but he's not a angel. He is just an average guy with average friends who get into a hairy situation.

The movie starts off with a Newscast that leads into a gang scene. A few minutes in and there is already violence and tension. You can feel the darkness surrounding the main antagonist, Akatora. Every time he gets on screen you feel the hatred he has for the world and how heartless he is. Then after the gang scene is a very short scene where more deaths occur. Then you see one of the four main protagonists, Inspector Chan. He is looked down upon by all of his peers but he has the heart of gold that everyone wishes for. You quickly start to root for him based on how he's treated. He then recruits 3 members of the police force to a special group that he is in charge of. They aren't very police like but that's what Chan needs. The three men are named Jack, Match, and Alien. Jack is the cool guy in the group who is like the leader of the three. Match is the player. He loves women almost more than his job. Alien is the joker of the group. He is the comic relief in the film. Every scene he's in is hilarious. These three are the ultimate team. They start their mission to infiltrate the gang that has been smuggling. They soon meet Daniel who is thought to be the head of the operations. They go undercover and become gang members to complete their job. While they are undercover they find out Daniels girlfriend is Match's old girlfriend who's been looking for him. Then everything starts falling into place.

I don't want to give away the best part of the movie so I'll just say that someone important dies. Like i said earlier there is PLENTY of action and comedy in this. Being produced by Jackie Chan who is famous for these kind of movies it is almost perfect. Everyone does their part in the movie and everyone makes it complete. The characters aren't the most developed but they don't need to be in this movie.

An interesting plot, the mass amount of explosions, the unstoppable comedy and the overall feeling you get from watching this movie make it one of the most Underrated Movies Ever to me.

I give this movie a 90/100

The next movie I will review is an animated movie that I hold near and dear to my heart. Not many people have even heard of the movie but those who have understand why I picked it to be one of the most underrated,